Quentin Preik Game Development and Design Consultant.  Unity Expert with over five years experience. quentin@fivearchers.com COMPLETED AND IN DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS Tachyon Reef - 2014, Release TBD Website Development Time 2-3 months (so far) Tachyon Reef is my big “passion project”, an underwater exploration game. Development time 2-3 months (so far) Feel-A-Maze - Released 2014, Steam, Apple App Store, Google Play Store Website Development Time: 2 Months Feel-A-Maze is a casual arcade game for Desktop and Mobile platforms. Developed over two months, with 55 levels.  It has received excellent reviews. All assets were created in Cinema4D by myself. except for music by Justin Aftab, and Ryan WIliams Treasure Punks - Released 2014, Google Play Store, Itch.io Website Development Time: 2 weeks Treasure punks was an experiment in completing and publishing a game in a very short timespan.  It is based on a popular dice game in principle, but presented graphically.  Art was a mixture of open source art and the main character was done by Jennifer Dawe. Battletank:LOBA - Released 2013, Itch.io, Indie Gamestand (pending Steam release) Website Development TIme: 6 months Battletank:LOBA is a local multiplayer based tank combat game.  It features seven levels in a variety of locations, with powerups and customizable match settings.   Most of the assets for Battletank were purchased from the Unity Asset Store.  PROTOTYPES AND EXPERIMENTS Match 3 Game - 2014 Website Development TIme - 2 Days A basic match three prototype - made because I realized I’d never made a match three game. Howling Realms - 2014 Website Development TIme - 1 Month A complex minecraft/tower defense hybrid, which implements a third party voxel engine. Had an interesting world design, but ultimately was not proving to be a compelling experience. Steel Archers - 2013 Website Development TIme - 1 Year This project was where I learned many hard and critical lessons about scope and managing a team on a game.  Action RPG, with procedural levels and a poker based card collecting and power up mechanic.  Perhaps one day I wil return and make a game out of it! Baby No! - 2013 Website Development Time - 1 Month A very silly game.